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Eating for Fat Loss

The shear idea for many clients attempting to lose body fat can seem so daunting. The scary notion of “healthy eating” is compounded when they are asked to only eat 100grams of unprocessed carbs post workout and that all other carbs consumed must be low in GI nature.

Image Fitness UK Eating for Fat Loss

This type of advice is good for the more advanced client who has a firm grasp on functional nutrition but what about most other clients who just want some simple nutrition fat loss tips?

Here are some Image Fitness Simple Nutrition Tips to Fat Loss:
1. Eat some form of protein with every meal especially breakfast.
2. Ensure you have a ration of 2:1 in relation to green vegetables/leaves to protein.
3. Include a good source of fat with every meal e.g. olive oil or avocado.
4. Drink 1-2 litres of water a day.
5. Cut down on daily products and replace with almond or rice milk.
6. Keep number of pieces of fruit to about 2-3 max. Or cut out completely for a short time. Stick with dark fruits.
7. Avoid foods in packets.
8. Snack on rice cakes and peanut/almond butter (1-2 a day)
9. Prepare foods 4-5 days in advance.
10. Break the rules 10% of the time.

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