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Why Squat?

The squat is one of those exercises many debate over i.e feet width, bar placement, range of movement etc. However, squatting with relatively high loads has been shown to help bring clients to new areas of leanness. When one is able to perform any variation of a squat pain free there are some key areas at which The King of Lower Body Exercises can support.

Image Fitness UK Why Squat

1. Core Strength: Squats are loaded from top to bottom, either in the form of a barbell or a dumbbell, your core has to work extremely hard and maintain an up-right posture which in turn reinforces the work done, not just to the legs.

2. Injury Prevention: Strengthen the muscles surrounding your knees and hips is a sure way to reduce your chance of injury when jumping, running, etc. Squats build your glutes, hamstrings and quad muscles.

3. Hormonal Release: By continuously increasing squatting loads you will reap the anabolic hormonal benefits that will help you build muscle everywhere – not just your legs.

4. Workout Intensity: Squats provide a superior alternative to leg machines, which in turn increase the efficiency of the entire workout.

5. Improve Sports Performance: To extend your hips powerfully is a key factor in increasing your vertical jump. It just so happens that squats build hip extension strength. As a bonus, squats not only help you produce power; they also help you absorb it as well.

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