Strength  and Conditioning Course

Stand out as a coach and take your career to the next level.

Timetable per week
4 Days
Course Type
Gym Based
2 Weeks
Dublin, Cork
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The goal of this course is to elevate the coaching performance of fitness professionals and help there clients reach peak performance. Through cutting edge coaching, advanced program design, and pushing the boundaries of mobility, stability, speed and power,  you will be equipped to get the best from your clients.

(Must hold a Fitness Instruction Certificate)

Course Content

Day 1: Advanced Fitness testing, movement screening & corrective exercises.

– Performance Testing (Aerobics, Power, Strength & Anaerobic testing for performance)
– Sports Specific Functional Movement Screening
– Corrective Movements, Solutions & Exercises
– Energy Systems

Day 2:

– Speed, Acceleration and Power for Performance.
– Warm Up Specifics & Systems
– Speed, Acceleration & Power
– Resistance Methods for Speed & Power for Athletes
– Strength Methods for Sports Performance
– Mechanics of Olympic Lifting

Day 3:

– Advanced Program Design, Periodisation & Energy Systems.
– Plyometrics
– Agility
– Sports Specific Energy Systems
– Advanced Program Design
– Periodisation

Day 4:

– Recap on content, plus examination.

4 days. Choose your course time below.

Mid Week course

11th & 12th March
18th & 19th March

Weekend course 

13th & 14th March
20 th & 21st March

Weekend course 

17th & 18th  April
24th & 25th April

Course cost €550

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