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Phil Graham

Phil Graham

“The main goal of the Fitness Business Mastermind Project is to build a thriving business that gives you money, impact and freedom”

Fitness Business Mastermind project
One year long Mastermind program

12 months duration

Four Course days, plus 8 webinars on opposite months.

Saturday 26th January,
Saturday 27th April,
Saturday 24th August,
Saturday 23rd November. 

Times each day, 10 am – 4 pm workshop days.

Webinars February, March, May, June, July, September, October & December.

Location. Clayton Hotel Dublin Airport,
Stockhole Lane, Swords, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Fitness Business Mastermind Project

Fitness Business Mastermind Project

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Fitness Business Mastermind project

  • Visionary health and fitness entrepreneurs who are stuck between 5-10k per month and want to grow take their income over 10k per month.
  • Coaches with a full book of clients who want to eliminate time-for-money coaching.
  • Anyone looking to upgrade their peer group and network with like-minded entrepreneurs.
  • Men and women looking to build authority and influence on a national and international level.
  • People who want to develop their mindset, increase their confidence and dissolve feelings of anxiety around business.
  • Men and Woman who are committed to helping others and making the world a better place.
  • People who know their past mistakes and errors do not define them.
  • People whose actions speak louder than words.

Fitness Business Mastermind project is NOT for:

  • People looking to make a quick buck.
  • People with big egos who aren’t open to learning something new.
  • People who hate the health and fitness industry.
  • People who want everything for free and are scared to invest in themselves.
  • People who don’t care about their clients or the results their clients get.
  • People who don’t implement what their told.


The main projects we will work on include…

Build Signature Business

You’ll learn the fundamental principles of how to run a successful fitness business and install an entrepreneurial mindset so that you have a clear sense of direction on what your business stands for and who it helps. We’ll research your target market and get crystal clear on what your customers need.

Product Builder

We’ll take the ideas, experience and knowledge inside your head and transform them into highly valuable services and products that pay you multiple revenue streams. Both Online and Offline.

Lead Generator

Learn how to get attention and attract high quality leads on demand with your own strategic marketing plan. Discover how to create eye catching content that captivates and builds trust in your personal brand.

Authority Marketing

How to establish yourself as the go-to expert in your community and country.

Sell Successfully

Learn how to close more sales, boost your income and confidence. Online and offline.

Bullet Proof Sales Funnel

Discover how to build an effective online sales funnel that does everything from capturing leads to selling your products and services online. Don’t buy a website until you complete this module.

High-Performance Systems

Discover how to stream line your business and reduce overwhelm by creating signature operation systems, maximizing personal effectiveness, mastering the art of delegation and building a reliable team.

Emotional Intelligence

Discover how to build emotional resilience and overcome the many mind games that stop you growing your business.

Fitness Business Mastermind Project Costs,

Early Bird Price €1750

€1750 Pay in Full. Click here

€1750 Payment Plan. €400 Deposit, plus €337.50 x four monthly payments starting one month later Click here


Costs after early bird price,


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