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With our Fitness Instructor Courses you will learn to conduct screenings of new members/clients and assess their fitness via a variety of methods. You will teach them correct technique in all aspects of fitness and utilise an array of exercise equipment to achieve results.

What can a Fitness Instructor do?

Fitness Instructors work in a variety of settings and are largely responsible for the implementation and supervision of members/clients exercise programs.

A qualified instructor can get employment in fitness centres, large commercial  gyms, hotel gyms & local sports facilities. Our fitness instructor course will equip you to safely & accurately screen & assess clients or members in numerous aspects of fitness. You will learn how to design effective programmes for a variety of goals. Teaching of correct exercise technique will be stressed, always keeping client safety in mind.

NEFPC has developed Fitness Instructor Courses in Dublin, Waterford, Cork, & Galway to promote high levels of competence in fitness industry practitioners. The Fitness training courses are perfect for those individuals who wish to start a career and develop their knowledge and skills in exercise program design.

Course Duration: 9 Weeks (Including Examinations)
Timetable: Two days per week 10-4:30pm or 12 hours per week
Evening options also available – Get in touch to find out more

Can I help you?

Can I help you?

Fitness Instruction is the starting point of your new career. Our team are here to help you if you have any questions regarding our courses or packages. We'd be delighted to help. Sinead Williams IFT Coordinator



  • The driving force behind setting up the NEFPC was to increase the quality and standards of instructors in the fitness industry. This has been achieved and now most of Irelands gym managers come directly to Image Fitness looking to employ trainers as they know the standards are so high. We are proud to recommend are qualified students and provide any after care to help get started. This has made the NEFPC fitness instructor courses an ideal place to gain your education and start your career.
Anatomy & Kinesiology
Exercise Physiology & The
Training Effects of Exercise
Principles of Training
Components of Fitness
Injury Prevention
Teaching Skills – Communication
Skills & Technique
Health Screening/Testing/Monitoring
Physiology of Stretching
Principles of Weight Training
Principles of Physical Activity
Exercise Programming & Progression,
Exercise Selection & Sequencing
Strength Training for sports
How the bones & muscles work,
for exercise & strength
How the body supplies oxygen
& nutrients to fuel exercise
How to assess a clients current
fitness levels
How to design a program to move
the client towards their goals
Key principles of training that will
help shape exercise selection
What happens in our bodies to make
us fitter, or leaner, or stronger etc
The correct ways to stretch safely
How to know if your client is getting
fitter / faster / stronger / leaner etc
How to effectively teach good exercise technique
We also offer certified workshops to complement our fitness instructor courses.
Call us to find out more about our workshops (01 8970277).

Our Trainers Are The
Best In The Business

  • Andreina Carbonell
    International liaison Officer - Administration
  • Barbara Clancy
    Administration team
  • Tracey France
    Group Instructor Tutor
  • Sinead Williams
    Course Coordinator
  • Kevin Flanagan
    Educational Director
  • Bryan Kavanagh
    fat loss expert, physique transformation specialist, author, and speaker
  • Sonia Ahmed Madsen
    Personal Trainer/ Nutritional consultant
  • Alan Murphy
    Gym Instructor & Personal Trainer Tutor
  • Susan Weston
    Group Instruction tutors
  • Lorcan Dalton
    Tutor for resistance training & nutrition.

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