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The passion and the adrenalin rush generated by leading a group of enthusiastic participants through a fun and effective workout to music, is hard to beat.

Group Fitness Instructor Training Course
Study Options to suit your learning style.

At the NEFPC we will teach you to become a choreographer, an entertainer, a coach and a mentor. You will learn everything you need to become a stand out group fitness professional and so much more. We will teach you all the advanced fitness fundamentals,
  • The Mechanics of Music Phrasing
  • Advanced Teaching Techniques
  • Methodology behind Transition, Queuing and layering of Routines
  • Creating Exciting & Effective Choreography
  • Group Communication
  • Class Control
  • Delivering a Dynamic Performance
  • Key principles that make a Top Studio Instructor
Anatomy & physiology
Components of Fitness
Principles of Training
Injury Prevention
Teaching Skills
Communication Skills & Technique
Class stages
Class Planning
Instructor Skills
Phrasing & Mapping to music
Layering Techniques
Block Developing
Teaching & Safety Techniques
Class Coordination
We also offer certified workshops to complement our Group instructor courses. Call us to find out more about our workshops (01 8970277).

Image Fitness Training Workshops Studio Cycle

IFT Studio Cycle (Individually Certified)

IFT Studio Cycle is an industry leading trend using stationary bikes as an organised activity through the use of a series of drills. It helps focus on endurance, strength, intervals, high intensity and recovery. As a non-impact exercise it is suitable and adaptable for all, from beginners to experienced road cyclists and all in between. As such, it remains one of the absolute top classes run in any fitness club and is hugely sought after. Definitely one of the best to have on CV of skills!!


IFT Group Box (Individually Certified)

IFT Group Box is a safe, fun and effective form of exercise and one of the best ways of cross-training. It combines the use of both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems in a manner that not only ensures a diverse workout but enhances sport-specific senses, including hand-eye co-ordination, balance and timing.

Aftercare Support

IFT Bootcamp

IFT Bootcamp training is one of the most utilised skills in a fitness professionals skill-set. Today’s industry demands clients receive the most up to date, comprehensive and personally tailored programs.

Have an open mind

Have an open mind

Our group instruction course is an excellent stepping stone be being a better overall trainer. Personal trainers now a days teach regularly Bootcamp, boxing style and HIIT classes.


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