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For those with Ambition and Desire to do more

For those with Ambition and Desire to do more

This package is specially designed for those who want to become self employed. Detailed business and marketing unit, Specialist workshops and totally unique after course platform makes this course package stand out above all others. Kevin Flanagan Educational Director

Platinum Plus Personal Trainer Package
Combination of 3 core qualifications
Plus Many Extras to help you start and build your own business.

This course package takes 17+ weeks to complete.
Two days per week. 10:00 – 4:30pm. (Evening options also available)
Major qualifications & extras received,
– EFQ Level 3 Fitness Instruction
EQF Level 3 Group Instruction
– EQF Level 4 Personal Training, Plus Extras,
– IFT Group Box (Workshop)
– IFT Studio Cycle (Workshop)
– IFT Suspension Training (Workshop)
– IFT Kettle Bells (Workshop)
– IFT Olympic Lifting (Workshop)

– IFT Career Pathway’s & Business (Evening Workshop)
* Flexible DD payment plans.
* Contact our office for specific dates.
  • IFT Business & Marketing Workshop

    The business and Marketing workshop is designed to give trainers a detailed action plan to start, develop and grow there business. Covering all different types of marketing campaigns and sales for different business types. We also go through the exclusive discounts IFT has with multiple companies and the workshop finishes with a step by step guide on how to start you business from the moment the course ends.
  • IFT Suspension Training Workshop (Certified)

    With suspension training in your toolkit you’ll get a highly versatile, scalable and portable training tools to use with your clients and athletes to improve their performance in sport and in life. From rehab to the most demanding workouts, the Suspension Trainer can be safely and effectively used with all fitness levels to build functional strength, mobility and core stability. Discover why the top trainers and coaches in the world trust and rely on suspension training.
  • IFT Kettle Bells Workshop (Certified)

    At the NEFPC we aim to provide the highest quality instruction in kettle bell training to fitness professionals. Come and learn the art of the most Sought After Training Tool in the fitness industry. This popular workshop is thought by an expert in kettle bell training.
  • IFT Olympic Lifting Workshop (Certified)

    Introduction to one of the best athletic disciplines by one of Irelands most experienced lifting coaches. Learn and master the fundamental movements that emphasise high force (squats) and high velocity (cleans) exercises to develop strength, power and speed in any athlete.
  • IFT Sports Team Training (Certified)

    The past few years have seen a huge growth in fitness training for sports teams at all levels. The goals of this workshop are to understand the role of the trainer in identifying & developing the relevant areas of athlete fitness, planning and implementing specific training to support sporting success. The participant will learn the difference between performance training vs aesthetic goals, how to test and train teams Vs individual clients and much more.
  • IFT After Care

    Setting up your own fitness business can be a scary thought. One of the most popular extras we provide is our after care to platinum Plus students. What ever area of the fitness industry you would like to move into we have somebody who has achieved great success in that area and can provide support. Click here to find out more.

Meet the team

  • Andreina Carbonell
    International liaison Officer - Administration
  • Barbara Clancy
    Administration team
  • Tracey France
    Group Instructor Tutor
  • Sinead Williams
    Course Coordinator
  • Kevin Flanagan
    Educational Director
  • Bryan Kavanagh
    fat loss expert, physique transformation specialist, author, and speaker
  • Sonia Ahmed Madsen
    Personal Trainer/ Nutritional consultant
  • Alan Murphy
    Gym Instructor & Personal Trainer Tutor
  • Susan Weston
    Group Instruction tutors
  • Lorcan Dalton
    Tutor for resistance training & nutrition.
All EQF Level 3 Fitness Instruction course content
All EQF Level 3 Group Instruction course content
All EQF Level 4 Personal Training course content
All extras covered on the Platinum personal training course
Career pathways & Business (Workshop)
Sales and business training
Biomechanics & common issues
Graduate Discounts
(Discount off equipment, software, printing & Insurance)
Business Document Pack
(28 of the key documents to establish and grow your business)
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