January 8 Week Intensive Combination Course

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Timetable each week
Thursdays & Fridays 10-16:30
Course Type
Part Time, Blended Learning
8 weeks
Dublin, Cork & Galway
Accredited by
Reps / EHFA
Level 3 & 4
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High impact combination course:

Upon completion of this 8 week intensive course you will receive three qualifications:


Fitness Instruction EQF Level 3

Group Instruction EQF Level 3

Personal Trainer EQF Level 4

In addition - You will also get:


Studio Cycle (Certified) - Give yourself the edge by learning how to deliver one of Ireland's most popular classes on the commercial gym scene. 


GroupBox (Certified) - Knowing how to keep your clients fighting fit whether it be small semi private PT sessions or large groups on the gym floor you'll have the knowledge to stand out from the rest. 


Strength & Conditioning: (Certified & Reps Ireland Approved) - The goal of this course is to elevate the coaching performance of fitness professionals and help their clients reach peak performance. Through cutting edge coaching, advanced program design, and pushing the boundaries of mobility, stability, speed and power,  you will be equipped to get the best from your clients.

This will take place:

- Swords - Thursday & Friday 10am-4:30pm - Starting 31st March (31st, 1st, 7th & 8th April)

- Cork - Saturday & Sunday 10am-4:30pm - Starting 2nd April (2nd 3rd 9th 10th April)


Business & Marketing: There are many different areas in the fitness industry which coaches can earn from. This workshop covers:

- How to start your fitness business

- What to charge and how to progress in each area

- How to specialize in a niche and market yourself directly to that niche. 

- How to map out a timeline, changes and the progress steps needed to go from a "basic start up" business to a larger more automated business.

- Business pack emailed afterwards with exclusive discounts, documents to use for your business and more.

(This will take place April 24th Swords & April 25th Cork)

Learn more about how our combination courses work.

Course Syllabus

Fitness Instruction

● Anatomy & Kinesiology
● Exercise Physiology
● The Training Effects of Exercise
● Principles of Training
● Components of Fitness
● Injury Prevention
● Teaching Skills – Communication
● Skills & Technique
● Health Screening/Testing/Monitoring
● Physiology of Stretching
● Principles of Weight Training
● Principles of Physical Activity
● Exercise Programming & Progression
● Exercise Selection & Sequencing
● Strength Training for sports
● Flexibility

Group Instruction

● Anatomy & physiology
● Components of Fitness
● Principles of Training
● Injury Prevention
● Teaching Skills
● Communication Skills & Technique
● Screening
● Class stages
● Class Planning
● Instructor Skills
● Phrasing & Mapping to music
● Layering Techniques
● Block Developing
● Teaching & Safety Techniques
● Class Coordination

Personal Training

● Cutting-edge training techniques
● Sports Specific programme design for athletes and teams
● Energy metabolism & nutritional implications
● How to advertise, sell, & retain clients
● Functional training
● Advanced Strength & Conditioning methods
● Principles of Growth & Development
● Hormones and dietary programming
● Advanced training methods, program design & Periodisation
● Weight-loss strategies & Client motivation
● Biomechanics & common issues
● Full Advanced Nutrition Module

Grants & Funding available. Image Fitness is one of the only training providers approved for funding. If you are on any type of social welfare payment you may be entitled to €1000 off you course fee’s. Get in touch below to learn more.  Course Price – €2500 (Normally €2500) (Total Fee Including Examinations, all course materials and certificates) 1) €2500 IMAGE FITNESS DIRECTLY - Click here 2) Short and long term payment plans available with our finance partners. See below

Ready to Rock? Let’s get you qualified!

1) Call 01 9023377

2) €2500 IMAGE FITNESS DIRECTLY - Click here

3) Short and long term payment plans available with our finance partners. See below


Blended learning is a flexible way of completing your course of study, combining online aspects with in-classroom experience to allow for an accessible learning style.
Flexibility: Busy, geographically dispersed and mature students have more control over their schedules, avoiding the hassle of a daily commute
Independence: Students often develop independence and motivation by working in their own time at their own pace
Diversification: Students have access to a rich array of learning tools and styles they may not encounter in the traditional classroom
Support: Students experience the personal engagement and support of interacting with their lecturers and classmates while benefiting from the flexibility of online delivery
Our courses are now more flexible than ever. You will now do all your theory modules online leaving even more time for practical learning and discussion in the classroom.

Due to Covid 19 our current crop of students have already started with this new blended learning format. Here’s what we’ve found:
Higher average exams results
Increased interaction with tutors
Increased study time
Less FOMO – Fear of missing out
Higher levels of peer to peer support
Our students on average are achieving better results than ever before.

This is because the theory content is always just a click away and readily available on any mobile device or laptop as well as increased interaction with our tutors.

Having the material there to look over at any time means students don’t feel like they’ve missed out if they couldn’t make a class like in the past.

In the online classroom environment students share notes and helpful tips for different modules leading to a dramatic increase in peer to peer support that wasn’t there in the traditional classroom environment.

The driving force behind setting up the NEFPC was to increase the quality and standards of instructors in the fitness industry. This has been achieved and now most of Irelands gym managers come directly to Image Fitness looking to employ trainers as they know the standards are so high. We are proud to recommend are qualified students and provide any after care to help get started. This has made the NEFPC fitness instructor courses an ideal place to gain your education and start your career.
Yes, absolutely 100%. All of our qualifications are internationally recognised and we have students travel from all around the world coming to us to get certified. Some of our successful past students are now highly successful PT’s in some places such as Canada, Australia, USA, Sweden, India and more! If you have any queries about using your qualifications abroad, please just ask a member of our team.
A workshop is a 1 day specialist intense education in a particular industry trend. It is only valid with at minimum, a Fitness Instruction qualification and is designed to give students the know how to design a class plan in that area, learn about the equipment and how to set up/ use it, adapt for any client contraindications in the class and progress for advanced clients for the ultimate workout. As workshops are based on constantly changing industry trends, it will always be an option for qualified PT’s to upskill with any of our workshop for a discounted nominal fee.
Yes. Fitness Instruction is the minimum entry requirement for any course to become a PT. Our specialist combination course (this course) is designed to give you every possible tool in your skillset so we do advise you to partake in all of it for optimum success. Some components however, such as workshops and even Group instruction are non-compulsory in becoming a PT. If you are not sure if you want to do Group Instruction I would say simply give it a try- you will be pleasantly surprised and our team have found it is the quickest way for a class to gel together and build confidence in their teaching ability.
There are generally 3 components making up the exams for each of the qualifications, they are; (i) 2 Multiple choice theory papers, (ii) A practical examination with an external client body and (iii) Case studies. Don’t worry if it all seem as lot. Our team of dedicated tutors will have you full of knowledge and confidence that nerves will not be an issue.
We don’t require our students to be athletes or super fit. All we ask is that you are fit enough to partake in our classes and are medically sound to exercise. If you are unsure of any medical conditions and their impact on your ability in class- please contact our team today and we can assist you.

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