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Excel as a coach and truly make a difference


3 Weeks (Online) on Monday & Wednesdays

7pm - 9pm







3 weeks


Get what you’ll need to be a confident nutrition coach specifically in the areas of body composition, fat loss, muscle gain, improving overall health and wellness, and much more!

This Advanced Nutrition Course is designed by sought after competition prep coach Stefano Manassero with over 30 years experience.

(Must hold a personal training certificate or must complete our online nutrition unit before receiving certificate)


Introduction to sports nutrition

An introduction to the history of sports nutrition and how Sports Nutrition is important to aid performance.

Exercise Metabolism

This gives the coach understanding of the energy systems and how these energy systems give us important information on nutritional practises.


Nutrition Coach Certification gives an understanding of the functions, sources and energy yield from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.


We look to understand the functions, sources, recommended daily intake and impact on energy from vitamins, minerals, and water.

Energy Expenditure

If we can understand the dynamics of the athlete’s energy expenditure and the need for energy balance, we as coaches can understand the athletes needs and get an understanding of the role of energy in their performance.

Timing of nutrition

An effective nutrient plan is important to fuel and refuel before and after training or performance and this will aid performance for the athlete, timing is of upmost importance for the athlete when designing a nutrition plan. 

Athlete Hydration and Replacing fluid

Dehydration can have negative effects on performance and body function. Sweating is a function to cool the body. This sweat contains water, sodium, magnesium, and potassium and this must be replaced these minerals and water to maintain muscle contraction and water balance.

The Factors and stresses of the Environment

Competition and training acts as stressors to the body, this may be volume, intensity or time that may. The environment such as temperature, humidity or metres above sea level all have their own added stress to the body and can cause performance problems for the athlete.

Disordered Eating patterns

Eating disorders and disordered eating are important to consider when assessing nutrition needs for the athlete. Social media and trends may influence these disorders, and it is important for the coach to understand that certain sports my bring greater risk for the athlete, these may be weight class sports or endurance sports. Us are coaches need to know the signs and the support systems in place for the athlete to support the athlete and give guidance.

Special populations

Factors of the individual that may affect the athlete’s ability to successfully achieve their nutritional needs or plan at ease.  This may down to the athlete’s circumstances such as religion, diabetes, coeliac, lactose intolerant, vegetarian or vegan.  These circumstances may need special planning or supplementation to succeed in the nutritional plan and for performance.

Ergogenic aids

When we as coaches have the trust of athletes it is our duty of care to ensure we adhere to the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) code for banned substances and we will look at the WADA code for guidance on banned substances. This topic is only growing as the amount of supplementation has grown 0ver the past 10 years, and so, there is a need to look at supplements that may aid performance in endurance, speed, and power sports not on the Wada list.

Sport specific considerations

Here we as coaches will look at specific sports and the recommendations and suggest aiding performance from team sports to endurance sports.

- Weight Loss

- Calorie deficit

- Insulin resistance

- Keto diet

- Daily nutritional Habits

- Healthy meal plans

- Weight loss In the kitchen

- Muscle gain

- Balanced macro-nutrient

- Protein for muscles gain

- Building muscle on a calories deficit

- Pre-exercise fueling

- Intra-exercise fueling

- Post-exercise recovery fueling

- In the kitchen 

- Body transformation

Changing body composition

- Diet for specific body type

- Vitamins and Minerals for ladies trainers

- Men trainers

- What is cellulite

Supplements that may help to rid of cellulite

Pre-exercise fueling

Intra-exercise fueling

Post-exercise recovery fueling

In the kitchen

Photo shooting/ Competition nutrition

Diet leading towards your goals

Carb loading for competition

Water logging for competition


Image Fitness Training is one of the only training providers approved for funding

If you are in receipt of any type of social welfare payments, you may be entitled to €1000 off your course fees.




Monday 25th September

Held online every Monday & Wednesday from 7-9pm for three weeks.



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