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for newly qualified coaches

Once you’ve qualified as a Personal Trainer with us, you’re ready to hit the ground running. But do you know which part of the industry you want to take by storm? There are plenty of options available for newly qualified trainers in the industry, so we put together this free guide to help you out.

We also include a career pathways & Business workshop on the course to help educate you on what to expect and take the first steps.


Image Fitness Training is one of the only training providers approved for funding

If you are in receipt of any type of social welfare payments, you may be entitled to €1000 off your course fees.

Workout with Ropes

From a gym, home, online or company

Personal Training

Personal training, or one to one training, is just that. It’s personal. Working solely with your client on a one to one basis, you get to know them and understand what makes them tick, adjusting their training accordingly. This form of training can be very rewarding, you get to watch someone grow in confidence, in health and in fitness, it’s an amazing feeling.


It’s also very lucrative for a new PT, allowing you to charge a higher price because of your personal touch. It’s not unusual to be on as much as €50/hour, once you specialise in a certain type of training, (for example weight loss for mums or Strength and Conditioning)

Fastest growing area in the industry

Semi Private Personal Training

Semi-Private Training is effectively personal training but you’re training between 2 – 6 clients at the same time. This form of training is becoming more and more popular with new PT’s.


The reason is, this type of training is great fun for you, your clients and also more cost effective for them. These small groups are usually friends or relatives, so you get to have great fun with them while helping them improve their health, mobility and overall confidence.

Strong Man
Jumping Squats

Industry’s most booming sector

Group Training

Group training can take many forms, however, generally speaking it involves a larger number of people training together at the same time (8+ people) Group trainers can earn a large amount of money.


We have countless successful past students working all over the world, doing just that. They now own and operate their own studios, with large clients bases.

Specialize in a niche

Corporate Fitness and Wellness Program

Corporate training has the potential of becoming big business for PT’s. If you’re located in an area that is heavily populated by office blocks and businesses, it might be time to consider adopting a ‘Corporate Wellness Programme’ to help grow your business.


Many organisations will pay for their staff to be involved in corporate wellness programmes, it can help increase the well-being of their employees and help them work better. This can be HUGELY beneficial for you as a PT. Blocks covered on our PT course on how you sell, set prices & packages for corporate fitness programs.

Sitting Meditation

One of Image partners with interviews every 3 months

Cruise Ships

Image Fitness Training is one of the largest fitness recruiters for Steiner with interview’s organised every three months for our graduates. We have a huge amount of past students now working on cruise ships, travelling the world and training people from every corner of the earth.


We now know what it takes to get someone to the level of being accepted onto a cruise ship. Your client base will be varied, as you travel to different ports and locations. Experience gained here is key and it takes trainers to a whole new level. Plus you get to see the world as you work.

Work with a team in a group

Sports Team Training

Working with sports teams is another great option, and a passion for many of our students who come from a sporting background, so know the industry. Strength and fitness training plays a huge role in many sports, and as such many athletes are recognising the importance of seeking specialist training as part of their own unique training regime. You as an expert can work alongside them.


A good way to get your foot in the door is to express an interest and offer discounts or special training sessions during their off-season (typically October – February) to familiarise yourself with the team. These sports teams have huge budgets set aside to pay for the abilities and knowledge that you will have once you qualify as a trainer.

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Work from home or while traveling the world

Online Training

Online trainers are some of the biggest earners in the industry. Taking your training online allows you to reach a global audience. Time and distance are no longer obstacles for you, your costs are low and as such it is currently a booming industry. That’s the good news.


The not so good news is there’s lots of work involved in making your business viable, but don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for, because we know what it takes. Get this right and you can do very well, working from the comfort of your own home and potentially earning thousands each month. Call us today and we can tell about some of our graduates doing well online.

Best starting point for development

Mainstream Gym

This is the easiest career path to get into, but believe us when we say it can be an amazing decision. We’ve learned this because we’ve seen how our past students are doing in gyms. Image Fitness Training are the leading provider of trainers to gyms in Ireland and often the manager interviewing you will have done the course also.


Working in a mainstream gym will give you access to hundreds of clients on a daily basis. You’ll get to work with clients with many different goals, fitness levels and abilities. This knowledge will mean you’re capable of training any type of person that walks through the door. That kind of knowledge makes you a HUGE part of that gym, you become so valuable to them. This means you can start climbing the ranks, start teaching other personal trainers and eventually becoming a manager of that gym.

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