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T's & C's

Basis of the contract

  • When you enrol in a course from Image Fitness Training you, the Student, are bound to purchase these services as stipulated by these terms and conditions (the Conditions).

  • A binding contract is immediately established once IMAGE FITNESS TRAINING confirms the receipt of the Student's deposit for their chosen course. IMAGE FITNESS TRAINING guarantees a spot for every Student who has successfully deposited funds for a course.

  • The Contract is the singular, definitive agreement between IMAGE FITNESS TRAINING and the Student. The Student affirms that they have not depended on any claims or guarantees outside of those explicitly defined within these Conditions.

  • All promotional materials, including samples and advertisements by IMAGE FITNESS TRAINING, are for representational purposes only, indicating a general overview of the courses. They do not hold any contractual weight and are separate from the Contract.

  • Exclusively, these Conditions govern the Contract, superseding any other conditions or terms the Student might suggest or which might be inferred from industry standards or practices.

IFT’s Obligations

  • IMAGE FITNESS TRAINING shall provide sufficient training (in IMAGE FITNESS TRAINING’s reasonable opinion) for Students to be adequately prepared to attain the NEFPC or any other courses offered by IMAGE FITNESS TRAINING.

  • To ensure quality of instruction IMAGE FITNESS TRAINING limits the number of students per course, as it sees fit. Places are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Application to participate in a course does not guarantee acceptance onto that course.

  • IMAGE FITNESS TRAINING shall provide to the Student a certificate evidencing their completion of the course subject to:

  • ◦ The Student’s satisfactory completion of all the requisite assessments (both practical and written) contained within the course.

  • ◦ The Student's satisfactory completion of all the requisite case studies contained within the course.

  • ◦ The full payment of all fees due to IMAGE FITNESS TRAINING without deduction or set off.

The Student shall:

  • The Student shall:

  • Pay all course fees as they become due or in accordance with any instalment plan agreed between IMAGE FITNESS TRAINING and the Student

  • Cooperate with IMAGE FITNESS TRAINING in all matters relating to the course or courses to be provided;

  • Provide IMAGE FITNESS TRAINING with all such information and materials as IMAGE FITNESS TRAINING may reasonably require in order to provide the courses and ensure that such information is accurate in all material respects.

  • Inform IMAGE FITNESS TRAINING of any physical or learning disabilities which may affect students throughout the course, workshops or examinations.

  • Where a student does not achieve 75% or greater attendance, they will be liable for a €160 repeat fee per examinable element they fail after their first attempt.

  • Note that late to class or early leaving class is recorded on student profiles and may affect attendance requirements for examinations.

  • Ensure that all mandatory coursework and case studies set by IMAGE FITNESS TRAINING are submitted prior to the commencement of examinations.

  • Ensure all formative assessments and continuous assessments are completed and not missed. Missing part of a continuous assessment may result in ineligibility for certification. For example, should you, the student, fail to submit a case study this will result in no certification being conferred until such times as that case study is submitted.

  • Ensure that they meet the requirements for the relevant course before enrolling as requirements for different courses may vary.

  • Behave in an appropriate manner at all times during their course. If IMAGE FITNESS TRAINING deems a Student's behaviour to be threatening, abusive, offensive or otherwise unacceptable. IMAGE FITNESS TRAINING will cancel the student’s course place and all monies

  • paid to date will be non-refundable. Furthermore, the student will be

  • liable for all outstanding course fees too.

  • The courses provided by IMAGE FITNESS TRAINING are practical-based

  • fitness courses. Although IMAGE FITNESS TRAINING does not insist on a minimum fitness level as a requirement to starting the courses, the Student is hereby advised that the courses will require a basic level of physical ability & movement and Students should be prepared to actively participate in all classes, unless there is a medical reason otherwise.

  • The Student shall be fully competent in the English language. This is expected in all the following skills; listening, reading, writing, speaking and understanding.


  • IMAGE FITNESS TRAINING reserves the right to reschedule and/or cancel the dates and times for classes, examinations and assessments and change the scheduled start date for any IMAGE FITNESS TRAINING course.

  • If a course’s start date changes significantly you will be offered the option to transfer to another date or receive a full refund of all fees paid.

  • Change the tutor or content of any given class. As such it is a course requirement that Students arrive for each class prepared for practical or theory.

  • Where the Student has missed a class, it is their responsibility to catch up on the topics & lessons missed.

  • The Student's responsibilities in this circumstance include but are not limited to arranging with classmates to copy notes, finding out what assignments have been given by the tutors, what needs to be prepared before the next class and if any assessments are scheduled. Students should note that Continuous assessments (C.A.) will not be repeated throughout or at a later stage during the course if missed.

  • Where the Student finds that they are struggling to understand or learn any aspect of the course content, they should speak to the relevant tutor or contact the office by email via

  • Assistance may range from repeating a topic in class to suggestions on learning and practice techniques right through to additional tutoring time. This will be given on a case-by-case basis, at the discretion of the tutors, in consultation with the business manager.

  • In the event of a course being cancelled before its commencement date, IMAGE FITNESS TRAINING will fully refund course fees paid but will not

  • be held responsible for any additional costs incurred by the Student,

  • such as transport or accommodation.

  • In the event of a course being cancelled after its commencement date,

  • IMAGE FITNESS TRAINING will, where possible, offer continuation of tuition on an alternative course. Where this is not suitable, course fees will be refunded.

  • IMAGE FITNESS TRAINING offers a 14-day cooling-off period from the date of initial deposit or payment. However, should the course commence within this 14-day period, the aforementioned cooling-off period does not apply as the student has commenced the course.

  • IMAGE FITNESS TRAINING considers course commencement to be at the point a student has watched their welcome video and completed their student profile.

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