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Maximise Your Full Potential.

We've got the course for you.

Lets go!

where do I START?

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  • EQF Level 3 Fitness Instruction

  • EQF Level 3 Group Instruction

  • EQF Level 4 Personal Trainer

  • The Perfect Start to Your Journey


Helping our students progress onto something more. 


IFT was Established in 2010. We recognised that upon graduation as a personal trainer
previously, students needed further ongoing “mainstream gym training” before being able to
seek employment, t
his was the gap Image aimed to bridge and bridge we did, and many years later we ‘re now the industries main recruiter in partnership with the largest employers today we set out to develop a comprehensive Fitness/Group and Personal Training course and after stringent assessments and protocol evaluation, received accreditation from EHFA / Reps Ireland, where students could avail of not only the highest-level education but also industry ready experience.



  • Pilates

  • Strength and Conditioning

  • Pre and Post-Natal

  • Advanced Nutrition

  • Plus More

  • Be Dynamic, Be First



The world has changed and so have we. 

Time to revolutionize fitness education.We’re taking the lead – so saddle up, you’re in control! HERE’S WHY



We’re now more flexible than an Olympic gymnast. Don’t break your back trying to cram.


So Much More Than Just A Course

Atmosphere, opportunity, challenges and friendship. All coming together nationwide to create an overwhelming sense of group achievement. Most classes don’t want to say goodbye. Either do we…..#GradParty


Learn Anytime, Anywhere

Crazy schedule? Busy parent? Sportsperson of the year? or just simply Flat Out! Watch or study at home, on the bus, in work, in bed, anytime, anywhere, be imaginative.

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success stories

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All Videos

All Videos
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"YOU'RE NEVER F$#KING TOO OLD!" | Donal Grimes on TakingThe Leap On His Fitness Education Journey

"YOU'RE NEVER F$#KING TOO OLD!" | Donal Grimes on TakingThe Leap On His Fitness Education Journey

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"YOU'RE NEVER F$#KING TOO OLD!" | Donal Grimes on TakingThe Leap On His Fitness Education Journey

"YOU'RE NEVER F$#KING TOO OLD!" | Donal Grimes on TakingThe Leap On His Fitness Education Journey

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TRAILER | Welcome To Image X

TRAILER | Welcome To Image X

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we have you

Employers NUMBER 1 Choice

Proven track record


Guaranteed job interview.


Over a decade of ever improving education.


Multiple Locations


Cork, Dublin (North & South), Galway, Belfast & Wexford.





  • What types of courses does Image Fitness Training offer?
    Image Fitness Training offers a variety of fitness courses for personal trainers and beginners, including personal trainer courses, nutrition courses, strength and conditioning courses, and pre and postnatal courses.
  • Is there a deadline for booking a place?
    Yes and no. We sell our courses on a first come first served basis so we have 15 places available in each class and we sell until those 15 are gone.Our recommendation to everyone interested is always to stick your deposit down ASAP so your place is secured first and foremost.
  • Is the Combination Course accredited?
    Yes, the Combination Course is accredited by REPs Ireland, which is the national register of fitness professionals in Ireland. This means that the course meets national standards for fitness education and training.
  • The theory given each week, is this content voluminous in terms of hours required to study?
    We give you theory content each week and it is up to you to study it. We understand that everyone learns at a different pace but we advise that you try to spend as much time on the theory as you would with the practical element of the course each week. This would involve watching content, rewatching, going through slides, taking down notes and filling out parts of your manual. The majority of people that do our course work full time and once you set aside your time each week to study, you should be fine
  • What are the career prospects for graduates of the Combination Course?
    Graduates of the Combination Course have a wide range of career prospects in the fitness industry, including roles as personal trainers, group fitness instructors, and fitness facility managers. Many graduates also go on to start their own fitness businesses.
  • What is the Combination Course?
    The Combination Course is a comprehensive fitness course that includes group instruction, personal training, and fitness instruction. It is designed for individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in the fitness industry
  • Is there financial support available for students who want to enroll in Image Fitness Training's courses?
    Yes, Image Fitness Training offers flexible payment options and financing plans, as well as funding options for eligible students.
  • What level of certification does the Personal Trainer Course provide?
    The Personal Trainer Course provides a Level 4 certification on the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).
  • What are the prerequisites for the Combination Course?
    There are no formal prerequisites for the Combination Course, although some knowledge of fitness or previous fitness training is recommended. A passion for fitness and a willingness to learn are the most important qualities for success in the course.
  • How long is the Combination Course?
    The Combination Course is an 8 or 17 week course, which includes both theory and practical training. It is a part-time blended learning course
  • What topics are covered in the Combination Course?
    The Combination Course covers a range of topics including fitness instruction, group instruction, and personal training. It also includes modules on business skills and marketing, which are essential for anyone who wants to build a successful career in the fitness industry.
  • What support is available to students during their Course?
    Students receive extensive support from instructors and staff throughout the course. This includes practical training, theory classes, and one-on-one mentoring sessions to help students develop their skills and build their confidence.
    โ— Anatomy & Kinesiology โ— Exercise Physiology โ— The Training Effects of Exercise โ— Principles of Training โ— Components of Fitness โ— Injury Prevention โ— Teaching Skills โ€“ Communication โ— Skills & Technique โ— Health Screening/Testing/Monitoring โ— Physiology of Stretching โ— Principles of Weight Training โ— Principles of Physical Activity โ— Exercise Programming & Progression โ— Exercise Selection & Sequencing โ— Strength Training for sports โ— Flexibility
    โ— Cutting-edge training techniques โ— Sports Specific programme design for athletes and teams โ— Energy metabolism & nutritional implications โ— How to advertise, sell, & retain clients โ— Functional training โ— Advanced Strength & Conditioning methods โ— Principles of Growth & Development โ— Hormones and dietary programming โ— Advanced training methods, program design & Periodisation โ— Weight-loss strategies & Client motivation โ— Biomechanics & common issues โ— Full Advanced Nutrition Module
    โ— Anatomy & physiology โ— Components of Fitness โ— Principles of Training โ— Injury Prevention โ— Teaching Skills โ— Communication Skills & Technique โ— Screening โ— Class stages โ— Class Planning โ— Instructor Skills โ— Phrasing & Mapping to music โ— Layering Techniques โ— Block Developing โ— Teaching & Safety Techniques โ— Class Coordination

Frequently asked questions

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